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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

NY Giants Painting- Work in Progress

I have five paintings that I am currently working on including this rather ambitious watercolor of the NY Giants playing the NY Jets. Guess who won? This measures 14 x 22 and I'm working on 140lb Waterford Saunders Rough Press. My main goal is this piece is too capture the intensity, excitement and movement of thr game. I don't want to get too tight and I'm really just letting the paint do it's thing. 

©Deborah Bollman

In this second image things are starting to throw a shape. I'm finding my darks and establishing my center of interest which will be the player facing the viewer. He's got the ball! As far as technique goes I wet the paper and drop the pigment in and move the board around and then lift out the light spots. Anything goes to achieve the effect I'm after. 
I have more on this on my studio Facebook page. You can check it out at Deborah Bollman Fine Art on Facebook. As always comments welcome! 

©Deborah Bollman

For you football fans I am one of the Official bloggers for the NY Giants for at our so be sure to pop on over to Facebook and like our page and then check out the blog! on Facebook
Happy painting!


Nick said...

looking good Deborah, I'm another one who is happy to let the paint do the work! would you believe I've never actually watched a football game? lol I assume these guys are running the correct direction, towards the basket? :)

Manohar singh Jodhpur said...

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JunkFood_Addict said...

This is really good!

Deborah Bollman said...

Thanks so much, Nick! Ha! First one to the finish line wins! :)

Ayman said...

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